• Landscape design is unimaginable without the use of decorative grasses. Decorative grasses embellish and complete the lawn by adding color tints to it. Use of decorative grasses can be limited only by imagination.
    • Landscape design has many types of gardens ranging from fruit and static gardens to dynamic and rocky gardens. Gardens can have decorative pond or even a couple of them, while wellmaintained lawn is the best background for any garden.
  • About the company


    Company "Landscape Centre in Ukrain - perfection of the landscape" offers the whole spectrum of services for planting of greenery and land improvement, lawns installation and organization of irrigation systems as well as "landscape design" on a turnkey basis.


    We are a young but consistently growing team. We have the experience and capacities to realize the ambition of each of our clients. Thanks to professionalism of our employees, application of progressive scientific and practical developments of landscape architecture and design, and highquality management of the company we guarantee the quality of the work fulfilled.


    We cover the entire process from projecting design of the territory to selecting plants and lawns, their planting as well as to taking care of your garden. It is completely convenient for you and frees you from necessity to be bothered with any work on your site. To take care of your garden we will develop the project and install an automated irrigation system which will free you from worries about the plants and their wellbeing.


    We will be pleased to fulfill your dream by having made your garden a little corner of paradise!